Stony Point Massage
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Kimiyo's massages are relaxing and healing. She takes the time to give a focused and complete treatment and I always feel confident that she knows exactly what she's doing. The first two massages I received were to treat everyday stress and tension, especially in my shoulders and neck, and I felt wonderful afterwards. The third massage was when I was experiencing chronic pain in my lower back and sides, to the extent that I couldn't sleep without medication. I had visited a general practitioner as well as a chiropractor, but it was only after Kimiyo's hour long massage targeting the muscles in my stomach, back and sides that the pain subsided and I was able to sleep with no problem. I thoroughly recommend Kimiyo as a massage therapist. Treat yourself – you deserve it!

- Pippa H


I really recommend Kimiyo Matthews' massage service. You can let her know exactly how you want the massage and she'll do it perfectly. Not too strong, not too soft, but just right. Also you can let her know of specific areas that you need massaged and she'll focus on those if you need. She's very reliable and I would highly recommend her massages.

- Hayoko J


I am so happy to have found such an expert masseuse. Ms. Kimiyo is highly professional and seems to have a sense of where to give the most attention. She is helping me with a shoulder impingement. This shoulder has been a problem for me for almost a year. It is loosening up and I can see that her massage is truly helping.

- Marilyn O


I have received a Swedish massage and an Acupressure massage from Kimiyo Matthews. Kimiyo asked questions to better understand my situation, and was sensitive and attentive to me throughout the massage. Both were so beneficial to me. The Swedish massage relaxed my body and mind, resulting in a renewed energy. Tight muscles and painful joints were very relieved by the Acupressure massage.

- Jean R


I found Kimiyo's massages to be thorough and effective. She was focused, hard-working and professional throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

- Sandy S